As work goes virtual, time zone becomes the new location

As more knowledge jobs go virtual and eliminate the daily trek to commute-in offices, location for some still matters. But rather than a specific metro region, the time zone in which the knowledge worker lives is showing up as requirement in job postings for virtual positions. Such as this one posted this week — and quickly filled — seeking applicants residing in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.

LAC Group is seeking a full-time, experienced, Research Analyst, to work virtually for our Library as a Service (LaaS) platform.  The Research Analyst will staff a busy and diverse virtual research desk, performing and managing requests for legal, corporate, business development and other research from LaaS clients. All research and communication will be performed online and by phone, using both paid databases and open sources. The Research Analyst will report directly to the Research Manager and work with other analysts to complete research requests in a timely, professional, and cost effective manner. Research will be delivered directly to clients using a virtual reference desk platform.

This is a full-time virtual position. Candidates must reside in the Eastern time zone.