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The acceleration of Information and communications technology (ICT) is creating a rapid shift toward a highly digitalized, virtualized socio-economic and business environment in the 21st century. Organizational structures and management policies developed in the previous century are growing increasingly outdated as ICT alters social and economic activity. It’s challenging for private and public sector organizations to keep up and plan for this fast onrushing future. They run the risk of disintermediation, obsolescence and reduced capacity to serve their customers and constituencies and attract talented staff.

Last Rush Hour author Fred Pilot offers public and private sector organizations assistance to adapt and flourish in this rapidly evolving environment:

  • Customized environmental and trend assessments.
  • Adaptive organizational planning and change management

Some examples of these how these mega changes are occurring and impacted areas:

Knowledge industry organizations

  • The transition of knowledge work away from fixed, centralized office locations and 9-5 work schedules.
  • The growth of distributed, virtual work teams.
  • Growth of on demand “office as a service” space and versus high fixed cost leases and occupant owned office buildings.
  • Growth of project-based, contract work vs. long term employment.
  • Decreased staff willingness to commute long distances and suffer adverse impact on wellbeing.


  • With the decentralization of knowledge work, there is less need for housing concentrated in urban and suburban areas.
  • In many areas, urban and inner suburban housing costs continue to rise and are growing increasingly out of reach, pushing the workforce to the edge and beyond metro area boundaries in search of affordable housing.

Transportation demand

  • Reduced need for commute trips in metro areas as knowledge work becomes less confined to a set time and place, allowing knowledge workers to work in their residential communities.